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Be Irresistible

No consumption of alcohol, no riding after dark, and no more than ten hours of riding on any day while motorcycle touring.
These were principles that my motorcycling buddy and I developed and adhered to in the years we toured.

We believed they would help us remain safe, cover long distances and enjoy the sport. These principles had produced successful touring experiences for others.

If you’re going to achieve and sustain success over a long period of time, and have included in your definition of success such matters as healthy living, fun and fulfillment, you would be wise to develop and stick to principles that are tested and proven.

Your principles might include giving adequate attention to aspects of life such as your spiritual and ethical values, service to others, physical health, maintaining healthy relationships, and cultural enrichment.

The journey to being irresistible is holistic. It is designed to help you be well-rounded, evolved and magnetic. It holds as its foundational principle that you are an amazing part of the universe, equipped to enrich the lives of others, and to a degree that relatively few people are willing to entertain.

Diversity. People from different backgrounds succeeding together

Be Financially Invincible

It is typical in wealth creation strategies to accumulate assets that can produce predictable income streams. It is central to capital formation and permits the attainment of financial freedom.


Such freedom, however, involves more than the financial resources you have accumulated or the income you earn. It is also dependent on the size of your spending, needs and wants.

I can assure you that the 62 year old woman who lies on her bed dying from glioblastoma couldn’t care less about her net worth or mortgage payment. She only wishes for another few years of life. Period.

As important as earning, saving and investing are to becoming financially secure and independent, it’s also important to develop the awareness of ways to find joy and fulfillment where you are, in being present, and in nurturing everyday relationships and simple ways of living that can contribute perpetually to your inner peace, contentment, and capacity to live in alignment with your sense of purpose.

It’s the attributes of resourcefulness, imagination and "simply rich" taste that will equip you with the capacity to be financially invincible.

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