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Renwick's Story

I believe in the principle of "taking a little and creating a lot." And I help my family, friends and clients get really, really good at doing that.

Grey Rocks on Steep Hill (Markus Spiske)

I am gifted in unleashing creativity in myself and others. I believe that my unique name has always been an influence. I instill in my clients a capacity to find abundance; endless opportunities where nothing or nothing but challenges seem to exist.


And I am adept at helping my clients shorten the distance between where they are and where they want to be. I help them find the quickest, least time-consuming and most cost-effective path to their desired outcome. It's the result of my journey starting without material wealth and choosing to explore and manifest the riches that lay within and nearby, in unexamined places.

What I deliver is unique. It’s entrepreneurship, it’s business strategy, economics, innovation, marketing, financial management, operations, leadership, psychology, and a lot of life. And it’s much more. It possesses an element of spiritual enlightenment and wisdom that enables me to get to the core, essential thoughts and behaviors that accelerate improvement. A close friend describes it as “entrepeopleship.”

Trained as an economist in Guyana, I emigrated to the United States as a young man. I earned my MBA at Fordham University and spent the following decade working on Wall Street, where I was widely acknowledged for my contributions in the financial services industry. Now operating between Michigan, Florida and Hawaii, I apply a unique blend of business strategy and wisdom to help individuals prosper and companies grow.

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I own multiple companies, consult with an impressive list of clients, and deliver performance improvement workshops and keynotes.

Workshops, Courses and Speaking Engagements

I am a natural storyteller and I enjoy taking time out from my business interests to share my experience and perspectives on topics including:

Uniquely You
Strategic Sense
Being Irresistible
No Wasted Movement
Motivating Peak Performance
Irresistible Selling 
Becoming Financially Invincible

My clients experience highly personalized presentations and workshops and they are happy to interact with me and other members of the audience. The experiences are usually distinctive and memorable. And they are always done with the intent of providing actionable ideas that can produce immediate positive change. If you are interested in scheduling an engagement, please email, or send a request through the Contact tab in the navigation bar above.

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