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Increasing Awareness

What happens when someone knows something about you that you don’t know about yourself?


Improving Individual Performance & Results

As you get to know yourself better, how will you seize the moment? 

Business Team

Improving Organizational Results

Nobody wants to be the only one rowing. Or be the one rowing more efficiently and productively than teammates. 


Every interaction with me will help you either feel better about yourself, be inspired to be your best or apply yourself to helping others live better lives. All the services are oriented to providing you with the self-awareness, belief and wisdom that you can become irresistible and financially invincible.


Speaking Engagements

How do you become and remain motivated?
And who benefits from being held hostage to the familiar voice that repeats a tired, familiar refrain?

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Get inspired by reading my reflections and stories. You'll find useful tidbits that brighten your day and engage your mind.


Where I Come In

I help you discover gaps between where you are and where you can be, and I share examples and stories that provide belief and maps for achieving the success you desire. I highlight the ideas, attitudes and behaviors that predict success. And I help you develop and implement the ones that are a good fit for you, so that you may enjoy improved results in your life.


Increasing Awareness

What happens when someone knows something about you that you don’t know about yourself?

And how about when neither you nor your boss nor your teammates know that you have strengths or competencies that could be unleashed for greater effect? Or that you are very cooperative, not competitive, learn at a rapid rate and therefore, get impatient and interrupt because others around you process information at a slower rate?

Oh? These are things worth considering, aren’t they? None of it is negative.


It’s simply different. When such realities are not recognized, when you remain unaware of such traits, your results will be sub-optimal and you will experience performance, morale and turnover issues that are avoidable. It leaves talent, potential and profit underdeveloped and unrealized. It causes waste in time, energy and money. And it also leads to frustration and burnout.
Get to Know Yourself! Get to know your team!

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Improving Individual Performance & Results

When blind spots are revealed and you get to know yourself better, how will you seize the moment? I’ll help you think through the implications of the new discoveries. You will be helped to understand potential consequences and benefits. And I will help you set goals and priorities that merit your investment of time, energy and money. I will be there to encourage, challenge and affirm you as you develop relevant thoughts and behaviors. I will help you accelerate and increase your level of success in both your personal and professional life. And have fun doing it!

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Improving Organizational Results

Nobody wants to be the only one rowing. Or the one rowing more efficiently and productively than teammates. At least not without them being developed to be more effective.
That’s the idea that gives rise to group development.
I help you and your teammates establish a shared vision of what you want to achieve and experience. After all, why not? Why wouldn’t you want to improve your collective performance and results, and experience fun and fulfillment while achieving extraordinary success?
Exactly! All of that is built into the game of work and the game of life.
And with lots of laughter and celebration!

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Speaking Engagements & Inspiration

Who motivates the motivator?
And who has experienced the familiar voice that repeats a tired, familiar refrain.

Not that it’s bad or without justification; it’s just the same message coming from the same place...again.


It’s when the voices inside your head scream...”Get me outta here!”

That’s Where I Come In

I tell stories of other people and other businesses. I talk about the simple ideas that catapulted the attitudes and outcomes of individuals and organizations. I talk of tragedies, I inject humor, I make work less work and more fun, and I help people laugh and look forward to become and contribute their best.

And life is never the same again. It gets better! Because I make it all a game. We play it and get to the end without regrets. We will celebrate along the way and at the end. And win every day...with colleagues and family and friends.

I will help you live a richer, more fruitful and more enjoyable life...personally, professionally and financially.

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