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Be Inspired By Your Network

As you pursue success in your career and your life, one of the most consequential questions you can ask yourself is, “Who’s gonna help me up?” Who will you count on to open doors, provide guidance, and help you navigate through the maze to find yourself and find your way?

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I'm often asked about the importance of networking for achieving personal and career goals. Clients with high aspirations are usually curious about whether they should invest time-and how much time they should invest-in connecting with others. Or instead, whether they should focus their energies on the tasks at hand for building their dream career or business. While “tasks” may seem like a worthwhile time management strategy, the truth is, you should always prioritize establishing and strengthening your network. Why?

Your networks both inspire and forge your dream.

Whether it was being accepted into good schools, landing relevant jobs or securing desirable clients, many of these pivotal accomplishment in my life arose from connections my parents, family members, friends and I had made and nurtured along the way. Each of these aforementioned opportunities blossomed from valued contacts gained from people I knew or who knew me. Every outcome, including new sources of income and valued business partnerships, could be tied to a relationship, from my expressing an interest, and having someone point me in the right direction. In some instances, a valued connection would ask me thought-provoking questions that helped me consider new paths that I may not have discovered without their involvement. In other situations, connections offered or made introductions or referrals to potential employers or clients.

When you stop to consider the human experience, you begin to see your life as a connected web of relationships that grow continuously. While these relationships should be nurtured so you can be assured of greater ease and success, they should also be acknowledged and supported in return. In the words of Dr. Ivan Misner, the enterprising founder of Business Network International (BNI), be a practitioner of “Givers Gain.” Be willing to help others and trust that others will help you also.

I recall hearing a story of someone who had achieved some great feats and was then presented with an award of recognition. During his acceptance speech from the stage, he shared how he'd pulled himself up by his bootstraps through hard work and dedication. He explained how with years of studying, discipline and use of his imagination, he'd risen to the top of his organization and industry.

After he was honored and stepped off stage, an elderly lady pulled him aside and asked him,

"And when you were an infant, who changed your diapers?"

She went on to ask,

"Who fed you when you couldn't feed yourself?

Who wrote the books that you read? Who taught you how to read and write? And who prepared and equipped you for college and your first job?"

Then she said,

"You didn't pull yourself up by your bootstraps. There were lots of people who played a role in your becoming who you've become. And don't you ever forget it!"

The reprimand in this story serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of honoring others.

For me, life has involved a perpetual cycle of incredible relationships. And in every encounter, I've been inspired and informed. At times, it was because somebody said something that was uplifting, taught me something new or helped me grow in some way. Or sometimes it was the opposite. Even those who may appear irresponsible, undisciplined or uncouth have certainly taught me a few lessons. I've been inspired and educated by both those with whom I didn't want to interact and those with whom I did.

It's impossible for me to dismiss the power of human networks. They've encouraged and guided me, and have been integral to my growth and success during the course of my career.

Now it's your turn. So, look around you. Who are the people with whom you should be connected? Who could you be inspired by? Who do you need to honor?

There are lots of people who want to inspire and support you as you pursue your dreams. You can count on me too.

My mission is to help you become increasingly irresistible and financially invincible. Through intentional and achievable steps, you can make your future brighter, build your wealth and realize the freedom you deserve. Today is your day to take that first step. Contact me here.

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