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The Pull of Desire—A Childlike Approach To Success

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Deep desire for something can cause you to feel uncomfortable. It creates self-doubt and anxiety. It triggers unfamiliar levels of stress. But it makes you willing and ready to be inconvenienced. It should make your heart beat rapidly. It should make you want more. Yes, this desire can be for the affection of another, or for pursuit of your treasure. The desire I speak of is one that's fanned by the flames of unquenchable curiosity. For Successful Living.

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Childlike curiosity is displayed in one who's always searching, reaching, exploring, and questioning. Recall that sense of wonder as you observe children in your world. They ask questions, probe at things around them, engage with everyone they meet. It's how little ones understand the world around them and how they fit in. To be childlike in your approach to the world makes you desirable to others. It pulls people to you and makes you irresistible. Being childlike as a professional is easy to do. It’s about taking a relaxed approach with others and letting your innate curiosity unfold. Think about someone you would like to know better. Maybe they’re a new colleague, a potential client, or prospective investor. The next time you’re engaged with them, make them feel the pull of desire to partner with you. Stimulate and charm them with your childlike curiosity.

  • What is their story?

  • Where did they come from?

  • What do they do for recreation?

  • What kind of food and music do they enjoy?

  • How did they start in their profession?

  • Why did they choose that profession?

  • What amazing experiences did they have over the last few weeks?

There are countless questions you can ask to spark a pull of desire within that person. If you’re authentic and keenly interested, they'll want more time with you. While it’s not your initial intent, you'll also enjoy the wonderful byproduct of your childlike curiosity—their mutual desire to help you succeed. They’ll be invested in you because you were invested in them first. Throughout this exchange, you’ll learn a lot from them and fan your own desire to discover more about them and how you can help them improve their condition This opens up another level of learning and curiosity. After inquiring a bit about their background and what brought them to that place or event at this time, desire to know more.

  • What do they want in their life?

  • What do they want out of their career?

  • What are their aspirations?

  • What are their dreams?

  • What do they find most intriguing right now?

  • What would they like to pursue at this stage in their life?

  • What do they want more of?

  • What do they want less of?

  • What would they like help with?

Through asking these questions you ignite that burning desire within them that pulls us all in the direction of becoming, and doing, what is required for success. Remember, everyone defines success differently, but everyone desires success.

To be irresistible is to be childlike and curious. It’s exploring the possibilities with hope and enthusiasm. It’s to be propelled by the pull of desire to move past anything that stands in the way of your freedom and success. Help others feel that pull of desire too with your childlike curiosity in them. Then by helping them improve their lives and their conditions, you become irresistible.

Let me help you take a creative approach to becoming increasingly irresistible and financially invincible. Together, through intentional and achievable steps, we can make your future bright, build your wealth and give you the freedom you deserve. Today is your day to take that first step. Contact me here.

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