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Preparing to Be Irresistible

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

At last, you find yourself standing at the trailhead for the hike that will take you through thick brush, along the edge of rugged cliffs, and across raging waters until you reach the destination of your dreams.

There, the air is fresh and clean, the soils produce incredibly tasty fruits and vegetables, and the lifestyle is the envy of people the world over. Everyone seems to possess the most relaxed and blissful disposition, and the quality of life is like nothing you could have imagined. It’s a happy place.

You make friends easily, enjoy lots of fun activities and laughter together, and now understand the extent to which life can really be lived to satisfy your ideal. And then the day comes when you must leave it all behind and return home to noisy streets, stress-wrinkled faces, and perpetually grey skies. You arrive home and realize in an instant that you would rather return to the happier, healthier place. You yearn to be in that place, your happy place of bliss.

In that moment you resolve to become the person who would learn what you must, become who you must, and do what you must to live in this most attractive way. Your desire becomes so strong that you reach out and ask the people who live in this paradise what it would take for you to live there.

They tell you, “You must dedicate yourself to becoming the person who makes the lives of the people you meet better. You must examine yourself until you discover your greatest interests and refine your finest skills. You must also commit to providing assistance and solving problems for others, even strangers, accepting that some of them will take advantage of your kindness and not appreciate your contributions. But you must believe you will.”

They beckon you to join them. They remind you to remain focused on the satisfaction and enjoyment you will experience when you know you‘re not just a visitor, you actually live there. And they encourage you to see the jagged rocks and slippery slopes as manageable risks and challenges worth taking to live the life you‘ve imagined.

How would you describe the rich life you seek? And what steps will you take to be irresistible where it matters?

My mission is to help you be irresistible and financially invincible, and live a rich life. Taking intentional and consistent steps, we can make your days more productive and enjoyable, and give you greater freedom in your professional and personal life. Today is your day. Let’s get started. Contact me here.

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