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Everything Matters

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

In leadership and in life, everything matters.

As you consider the many ways in which you might engage members of your team for improved performance and results, recognize that even the seemingly most irrelevant occurrences, behaviors, and gestures matter. Whether it's your frown or smile, your attire or energy to inspire, your willingness to listen, ask questions and learn from associates, you influence the attitudes, behaviors and contribution of members of your team. Just recently, I learned of an executive who returned from a conference and reported the state of the industry as fraught with challenges and difficulty. Within a few months, five members of his organization had lost confidence and left for opportunities elsewhere.

His pessimism, as much as it was delivered within the framework of his desire to be transparent, proved to be counterproductive and destructive to the morale, strength and momentum of his organization and associates. Your tone of voice, energy level after a late night out, fit of your shirt, haircut, shine on your shoes, body weight, and carriage, all affect and influence the perceptions and response of others. Employees, customers and vendors respond to many subtle cues, often without themselves realizing exactly the cause of their hesitation, rejection or acceptance of your suggestions, recommendations and advances.

Add to these triggers such matters as punctuality, assertiveness, our manner of speech, and lifestyle and you begin to recognize that there are a multitude of little factors that often interfere with or enhance the quality of our relationships and our individual and collective effectiveness.

What can you do to mitigate these detractors? And, more importantly, what will you do? If you’re willing, let’s talk about it.

My mission is to help you be a high-achiever, become increasingly irresistible and financially invincible. Together, through intentional and achievable steps, we can make your future bright, build your wealth and give you the freedom you deserve in your business and life. Today is your day. Let’s get started. Contact me here.

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