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Professionalism and Promotability: Two Irresistible Qualities

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

One of the themes that has emerged in my conversations with early and mid-career professionals is their desire to overcome shortcomings that could potentially impede their career aspirations. Invariably, the discussions lead us to explore two subjects, professionalism and promotability.

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First, on professionalism. I’m sure you can appreciate why I believe “professionalism” is an irresistible quality. It’s desirable in everyone with whom we interact. From the repair person that comes to your home to the leader of your organization, professionalism is one of those qualities that when it's expressed, suggests quality and competency and engenders trust. And when you find these qualities, or indications of them in an individual, you’re more likely to do business together. For leaders, professionalism evokes respect. People want to work for someone they can admire, trust and respect.

While we may believe we typically act in a professional manner, deeper self-reflection may be warranted:

  • How do you show up? Are you timely, well-groomed, prepared and eager?

  • How willing are you to receive or give positive, constructive feedback?

  • What is your work ethic? Can you be counted on to go the extra mile?

  • Does your appearance show respect for others, project your brand and instill confidence?

  • Do you take initiative and look for ways to make a positive impact in all that you do?

  • Are you willing to admit mistakes, course correct and learn from others?

  • Are you respectful of people’s time and needs?

  • Does your communication style—language and your ability to listen and inspire—impress others?

Second, a little on promotability. This is a great way to determine whether or not someone is poised to move up the ladder or garner more business. Certainly, everyone aspires to some form of growth in their professional endeavors. But without self-reflection and intermittent adjustment, you may find yourself stuck in the same place year after year. To grow your business, excel in your profession or experience a fulfilling career, you may need to step outside of your comfort zone and ask for feedback from others. It’s the only way to be sure that those who have the power to promote you, your career and your business, truly see the very best in you.

I want to encourage you to take a moment and self-reflect on your promotability. A few questions to consider would include:

  • If I were to ask the people with whom you work if they would promote you, would they?

  • Would they also be willing to work underneath you, and support you, as a leader?

  • If I were to ask your clients if they would hire you again, would they?

  • What qualities do you have that make you promotable in an organization?

  • What accomplishments make you promotable?

  • How are you with building trust-based relationships?

  • How effectively are you communicating up, down, across and out?

There are far more questions for you to reflect on than these alone, but this is a great starting point. When I work with my professional and corporate clients, we always start at this point. Conducting a deep dive into your personal brand and the qualities that others’ see in you and your business practices is an essential step to make positive change moving forward. And if your plan is to become irresistible, then you must commit to understanding where you excel and where you could benefit from a little refinement.

Reflecting on your professionalism and promotability provides a useful starting point and it invites you to search for a different perspective. And it may be the critical perspective, if you're on the path to becoming irresistible.

My mission is to help you become increasingly irresistible and financially invincible. Guided by intentional and achievable steps, you can make your future brighter, build your wealth and realize the freedom you deserve. Today is your day to take that first step. Contact me here.

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