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No Wasted Movement

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

When it comes to getting important things done, time management and focus on getting the most from your day, consider how you might salvage the lessons from past experiences. Think about a time when you were most productive and achieved great results.

  • What were you doing?

  • What methods did you employ?

  • How did you take control of the moments?

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Chances are, you were probably enacting the principle of 'no wasted movement.' Wait, what? Let me explain. When it comes to the subject of time management and laser-focused productivity, I recall an encounter which birthed an epiphany that is central to all success, 'No wasted movement.' A few years ago, I was in Hawaii enjoying dinner with my friend Bob. He has a comfortable home with a view of one of the most frequented destinations in Maui, Molokini Crater. It's breathtaking to see it anytime of day but especially at dawn or at sunset. It's the reason so many people travel from everywhere to visit; for the snorkeling, swimming and enjoyment of the tranquil beauty of this little playground. Bob and I did what we often do when we're having dinner at his home. We shared a bottle of wine, chatted about his art, his life, and how invaluable his art, real estate and other investments have been in helping him create the lifestyle that he now enjoys. Then the conversation shifted to music. He is passionate about music and loves to get away from Maui on tours with his favorite artists. So, as we talked about guitarists that night, one of the names that surfaced was Jimi Hendrix. I shared with Bob that during the course of many years I had heard many riffs of Jimi Hendrix, and watched some footage from his concerts, but nothing exhaustive enough to cause me to have a really deep appreciation for his talent, as renowned as he was. And so Bob said to me, "Well, would you like to see more?" to which I replied, I would. Beaming, he led me into his entertainment room and queued up one of Hendrix's videos. In just a few seconds, I realized how extraordinary Jimi Hendrix was as a guitarist. And that every bit of musical acclaim he had received was justifiable. I immediately turned to Bob and said, "This is unbelievable. This is amazing." To which he replied, with a wide smile on his face, "No wasted movement." In that moment, I understood an element that was integral to Jimi Hendrix's stature in the world of music. And I recognized how that same element was also integral to success in business and any other profession. As I tuned deeper into Hendrix's display of 'no wasted movement,' I realized that I was witnessing his genius. As he moved his fingers on the fingerboard of the guitar, there was a fluidity, smoothness and synchronization that involved no unnecessary delay; no loss of a precious moment. Of course, I know that musicians say that what contributes to great music are the pauses or the silence between two notes. But what I also recognized as I watched Hendrix's movements was that there was incredible mastery in his ’no wasted movement.' And we know he created a sound that's been unrivaled. As I often do, over the next days and weeks that followed, I examined what I'd experienced. And what occurred to me is that if we truly want to succeed in business and in our careers, no matter our role, we would perform like Jimi Hendrix did. We would develop and deploy the habits of not wasting time and not wasting movement. Imagine if we were to bring that same level of smoothness and synchronicity of focus and movement to our thoughts, words and actions. Then maybe our productivity would be significantly greater and our results would be multiplied. And the outcomes that we desire would be achieved at a much faster pace. Central to this message are the elements of process and outcomes. Especially for those who are intent on improving performance and accelerating desired results, whatever they may be; increasing income streams, attracting clients, growing wealth, building better businesses, transforming communities, or being a more complete and content person. If the idea of 'no wasted movement' could be embraced, internalized and executed consistently over time, then it just might lead to much better results. Considering the entrepreneurial lifestyle and the daily habits of the business owner, the process would begin with the habit of engaging the day with enthusiastic optimism. Add to that the recognition that every encounter is crucial to your success, that every person with whom you meet and connect is another person with whom you could share who you are and what you're committed to becoming, doing and accomplishing. Engaging in those conversations optimistically is central to the idea of 'no wasted movement.' While not everyone will be open to receiving your message, there is some percentage that will. So, to incorporate that type of communication with everyone only heightens your chances of accelerating progress and outcomes. And to uplift and encourage others and put a smile on their faces so they feel valued and appreciated, is of great value and merit. This little extra step is important not only in principle, but also because it endears people to you and may influence them to provide a service or support that would be helpful to you. Or it might inspire them to introduce you to someone who could be integral to your business success.

In making 'no wasted movement' a daily mindset and habit that is central to your actions, you will gain greater success in your personal and professional life. I would like to help you build fluidity, harmony and focus with no wasted movement. My mission is to help you become increasingly irresistible and financially invincible. Together, through intentional and achievable steps, we can make your future bright, build your wealth and give you the freedom you deserve in your business and life. Today is your day. Let’s get started with a conversation.

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