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Influencing Others to Live Their Best Lives

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

As a leader, professional, and functioning human being, you have influence. Whether your big accomplishment to date is becoming a loving and nurturing parent, graduating from high school, or stepping up to the helm of an organization, you are a person of influence. And because of the impact you make, you must ensure that your clout is wielded in positive ways. It begins with helping others live their very best lives.

Photo: Courtesy of Renwick Brutus Media

Before you begin to intentionally influence others, you need to know who you want to influence and about what matters. Will this be your children, your team, or your organization as a whole? A logical next step would be to know what they want their best life to look like and involve, and how you may positively influence these outcomes. This all begins with curiosity, sincere interest and reflection.

Once you’ve identified who you want to positively influence, invest time with them asking questions and listening to their needs and wants. Ask questions that will spark ideas and decisions. Most importantly, ask how you can help. Then help them devise or refine plans to achieve their desired outcomes. Help them regularly in little and big, bolstering ways and encourage them along the path to their best life ever.

But wait. I can hear you now. You’re thinking, Renwick, I’m just trying to get through my own day. How can I possibly have the time and energy to influence others? Don’t fret my friend. You’re already doing it. Offering authentic words of encouragement, an uplifting smile, and a meaningful introduction are all ways that you are influencing others to lead their best lives. Yes, there may be times when that influence demands more of your energy, time, and patience. But as you give, you will gain. There are innumerable ways that your investment will come back to positively influence you. It starts with the warm lift you’ll gain by offering support. And the rewards will grow exponentially from there.

Finally, know that simply carrying yourself professionally and conducting your business with grace and style produces a positive impact. If you can go to bed each night pleased with your uplifting speech and actions, you are indeed influencing others to live their best lives.

My mission is to help you be irresistible and financially invincible. Guided to take intentional and achievable steps, you can make your future brighter, build your wealth and create your best life. Today is your day to take that first step. Contact me here.

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