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How Perseverance Pertains To Your Achievement

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

When was the last time you questioned your abilities and performance? When was the last time you wondered if you would reach the destination or goals you've been heading toward? Have you considered if the course you‘ve chosen is the one that will serve you best? And of equal significance, have you considered the adequacy of your preparedness and tools?

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Insecurities and uncertainties are commonplace. If you're like many people, a fair number of them came to light in the early stages of your life. Perhaps they emerged when you didn't make the soccer team or get crowned homecoming queen. Or perhaps when you scored at the bottom of your class in math or creative writing. Maybe they surfaced when you were the solitary figure left standing in a corner of the party because no one asked you to dance.

So what? Well, at the time, it probably felt as if others were better, brighter or more beautiful than you. We've all had similar thoughts. And if you'd missed out on these seemingly "important' achievements as a youth, you may have felt that you were not destined for great things.

That's not true. You have the potential for success. That's right. You share pivotal attributes with those who've achieved success in their life. One of the main ones is perseverance. Perseverance is what propels you to dig deep inside of yourself and figure out what you want to experience, accomplish or possess. It’s also what causes you to find what you possess that is of great value to others. It's a "grit" that causes you to excavate and extract your innate talents, determination and gifts and meld them together for your success. Perseverance also pushes you to work harder and longer while learning more, doing more and believing in your dreams. It's what helps you realize your full potential and invariably outperform those who were once considered the 'bright and brilliant.' To overcome the inevitable setbacks in life you must harness the power of this quality of perseverance. It's there inside you just waiting to propel you to success. It's burning to unleash the champion within you. But you must nurture it by developing a few essential habits.

Define Your Goals

One of the greatest forces in motivation is setting goals. The process of determining what matters to you and what you would like to achieve with your work and life ignites your sense of craving and serves as a catalyst for becoming your best. Goals serve as a magnet for pulling you toward thinking and behaving in ways that are congruent with achieving your goals. And they increase the clarity with which you find unobstructed paths for getting to them, and overcome obstacles when they emerge.

Review Your Goals Daily

The key to sustaining your motivation to pursue your goals is reviewing them daily. Thinking about your goals, and especially writing them down, will propel you with a greater probability of success than living without goals. However, the true power from setting goals is derived from reviewing your goals on a daily basis, and refining your action plans for achieving them.

Plan With Attention To Detail

It's no secret that the more transformative an edifice tends to be, the more attention to detail is required. Think of bridges over large expanses of water, think of lengthy tunnels under rivers and through mountains, and think of skyscrapers that extend to the skies for hundreds of stories and thousands of feet. They all required diligent planning and great attention to detail. The same will be true for the goals that can transform your life and the lives of your family and organization. Amazing feats require diligent planning.

Follow Through On Your Plan

Ecstasy often ends in the mind. Much of the thrill occurs with the dreaming, the imagining, and the anticipation. But to realize the dream requires action. And it is here that the bright lights of too many dreams flicker and die. It's some sort of distressing disconnect; a loss of impetus and excitement, a drowning capacity to do what needs to be done. The most consistent way to get up is to be picked up, by someone or others who care deeply about you and your dedication to your goals. Identify and select someone who will commit to being your source of encouragement, will be patient, and will provide the gentle or firm reminders to you of what you want and what you're capable of doing and achieving. Give them permission to keep you honest with yourself for reaching your goals.

Persist With Patience

Mustering humility and giving power to someone to hold you to your commitments is challenging. A very small percentage of people who want to achieve great levels of success ever find in themselves that degree of humility. And it seems that an equally small percentage exercise the patience that is necessary for crystallizing their thinking about the goals that really matter, refining their plans, developing the knowledge and skills, snd learning from the mistakes and heartbreaks that accompany the pursuit of success. But there are no shortcuts. You must accept the requirements of patience and persistence.

For most, the path to success is long and runs over rough terrain. Many have traveled it and gotten to their destination. But everyone enters from a unique place and finishes where no one else did before. So, while there are many lessons that can be learned from others who have gone before, yours is a virgin trip. And you will encounter challenges for which only you must find the answers. Don't despair. Within the many lessons and your heart live your answers. Persevere and you will find them.

Are you ready? If so, the sky is the limit. My mission is to help you become increasingly irresistible and financially invincible. Together, we can make your future bright, build your wealth and give you the freedom you deserve. Today is your day to take that first step. Contact me here.

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